3 Waterside Towers in Maassluis, Holland

Right next to the New Waterway, the entrance to the world famous Rotterdam harbour, three prestigious apartment towers are erected. The towers are named after 3 famous explores : Willem Barentz, Abel Tasman and Jacob Roggeveen. In total 192 appartments were all provided with comfortable under Floor heating and cooling from WTH/Thermo-Floor.

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3 Waterside Towers in Maassluis, Holland

3 Waterside Towers in Maassluis, Holland

Sustainable Building And High Comfort

"Sustainable development of comfortable buildings", that’s what it’s all about in the vision of the project development company. The inhabitants of the three towers therefore enjoy the effect of plenty of daylight and a priceless view over the river. This effect is enhanced by floor to ceiling windows. All installations needed to fulfil the condition that they supply optimal living conditions through a sustainable system.

The obvious choice then is an under floor heating and cooling system with a heat pump. An important esthetical argument is the absence of ugly radiators in front of the large windows.

From Order To Completion In 23 Weeks

The choice for WTH/Thermo-Floor as the supplier of the climate conditioning installation was based on comfort. For the project developer and for the M&E installer. WTH/Thermo-Floor offers a full design service for it’s customers. From design, drawing work, planning up to project management, installation, balancing and after care. Every part is done by WTH/Thermo-Floor specialists - "192 apartments in only 23 weeks from order to completion".

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Download the case study for 3 Waterside Towers in Maassluis, Holland for information on the project.

Facts and Figures


  • 192 appartments, 33 different layouts
  • Floor space : 22.500 m²
  • Insulation: Rc = 3,0 m².K/W

Source of energy

  • Heatpump-installation
  • Combined system for 3 towers
  • Closed loop ground source system

Climate system

  • Heating or Cooling per appartment
  • Active heating up to 40°C
  • Passive cooling up to 18°C
  • Balanced Ventilation System


  • Full service
  • RU-WW manifolds, adjusted for heating and cooling
  • Floor insulation 22.500 m² Variso-acoustic 20 mm
  • 163,3 km underfloor heating tube
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